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Winter in America

We begin where we are, in early winter.

We have come very far since Ginsberg announced the Fall of America.

As is, It has not fallen – or, at least that America of the current brand illusion has not yet fallen.

We can read Ginsberg as indicating the end of summer, if there ever was one.

We still even await this rite of spring – perhaps we have wasted the dawn.

The fall, in the case of America, is the beginning of retreat and implosion.

It reminds one of an end of every order of things.

In the case of America, the early winter forces us to recollect the trauma of its birth and sustenance, and the lack thereof, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The American experiment failed as it could never realize its democratic potential – it remained res publica – killed by the autonomous logics of representation which danced upon the waves of a violence-based ownership (Gewalteigenthum).

America could never trust itself as it was afflicted with the trauma of its origin – a trauma which underwent recurrent repetition in the trauma of its logistical operation.

America was possessed by a Lady Macbeth Complex in which it sought, sleepwalking, to wash away the blood on its hands – “Out damned spot!” – it failed in its compensating strategy as it used new blood to wash off old blood.

America’s obsession with its own guilt translated in real terms into a compulsion to act, to build – to bury – its frenetic production and consumption of gunpowder and soap – a psychosis of exclusion and purification (perfection).

In more contemporary terms, this compulsion for cleanliness has translated into a panoptic surveillance of the territory and personnel of “America”, i.e., “Patriot” Act.

As with the Nazis, “America” seeks, as a repetition of the trauma, to expunge, excrete from itself that which is non-American – a term defined tentatively from the “origin”.

Explains why so many Asian and Middle Eastern peoples are fleeing to the Canadian border to escape the surveillance and incarceration of American Justice.

This fixation upon cleanliness and hygiene in this way may also reflect the white supremacist character of e pluribus unum, once again, a repetition of its trauma.

Then again, e pluirbus unum was replaced by In God We Trust in the 20th Century.

And they dare to call it a godless century!  Shame on you Nietzsche!

We are confronted by a situation in which, against all counsel, “America” has become an Empire.

Yet, it is clear that the announcement, the naming of an event, is also the sign and oration of its demise.

Indeed, this demise is a second death as one imago, ideal is replaced by another.


About James Aire

I am a writer living in Brixton, South London who is seeking to subvert the 'order of things' through humor, chaos and absurdity.

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