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the resistance exists and everyone knows it exists

The resistance exists
and everyone knows it exists

To negotiate a new social contract
in a deeply traumatised and fractured society
within less than seven months is hard enough
to do so in a third that time is
virtually impossible, the report said.
An Israeli aircraft has fired three missiles
at Palestinian resistance fighters
in the Gaza Strip without causing any casualties
Witnesses said three fighters from the
Islamic group Hamas fled as the missiles struck
No one was hurt.
A rocket and mortar barrage by fighters
hours later killed two Palestinian farmers
and a Chinese labourer working
at a Jewish settlement in Gaza
Iraqi soldiers taken captive

Wednesday 08 June 2005, 23:01 Makka Time, 20:01 GMT

US-led forces are yet to restore order in Iraq

Iraqi Sunnis seek more representation
Iraqi officials killed
US not safer after Iraq war, poll says

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About James Aire

I am a writer living in Brixton, South London who is seeking to subvert the 'order of things' through humor, chaos and absurdity.

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