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The Suicide of Jesus

The Suicide of Jesus

the anguish in the Garden
shatters this sublime King
‘May this cup pass from me’
in the nausea of silence
seized by the nothingness
of his own project, the man
ingests his beautiful poison
given to him by his mother

The window is open again, suddenly

in this moment

the event shines, scintillates

hums & frenzies a rhythm
shatters these stale drones
of our invisible totalitarianism
we no longer even hear the digital
coxswain pound out the proper beat

the coup d’etat happened long ago —

it was all covered up –
Judas, Jesus’ brother
took the hit, like a good son
Saul, their distant uncle, came
home to set up the franchises


but I was wrong, but not completely

I finally figured it out –

Jesus – the Lord of Light –

The Light of the World –

That which became This –

Creation –

The Fall –



Do you get it yet?

Jesus is Lucifer!

Revelations is merely a re-statement

of the Prodigal Son –

Lucifer comes back to heaven….


But that is the likely story –

the wish

In fact, Jesus faked his own

suicide according to a script

which articulated a

project of Messiahship –

He took on the role and acted

it out to the end….

But, saved by bribes and theatre,

he could not allow his great work

to be unrecognised – uncultivated –

He could not fall to the fate of the

author of the Ecclesiastes...

He re-appeared as Paul –

the sacrifice had been made….

And….. he ruined everything….


About James Aire

I am a writer living in Brixton, South London who is seeking to subvert the 'order of things' through humor, chaos and absurdity.

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