Long Live Margaret Thatcher!

Margaret Thatcher’s veins are filled

with formaldehyde, and the fluids

from her body have already been

flushed away into the sewers to

be savored by the joyful rats –

(unless the fluids have been

preserved in the Canopic Jars)

But, let us remember, that

Margaret Thatcher was at least

honest about her hatred for us –

for ‘Society’ … in the arms of her

lover Reagan as the welfare

state was gone with the wind –

better than the Golden Syrup

boy who smiles in our faces,

while he destroys our world –

mocks us with a ‘Big Society’

For every time, there is a season –

A time to love – and a time to hate –

Let us relish in our hate, but raise a

glass to the Iron Lady who taught

us – with the Sex Pistols

(Thatcher’s background music)

again to hate, but perhaps not

in the manner that she intended –

Margaret Thatcher becomes an

icon of negativity, in the manner

of other satellite puppets like Pinochet.

Jesus, the suicide, counseled after all… love thy enemies….

The death of a great enemy calls for a great celebration,

there will be a festival of death

there will be remembrance

there will be joy


to here knows when







distant earthshine

casts across spring showers moon

little one pisces child crests

open eyes whisps joyous season

here opens this chance

lotus flower dance swirls rush teeming

voices sing rusk laugh shout

if you wish to dance you must lift your feet off this ground ……. offf off up & away… put down that shovel…

do not get sucked in seduced by candy coated mystery…

this lying clown burps out love… that right hand stabs your sacred heart… this left hand knows not what… she says to me not to be seduced… & i say it to you… yet, now you are here… you waited in line from that eventful bog moonrise steams primordial soupkitchen… so now your on this ride…. get ready to get off at your end… enjoy this ride…. you will get no other… its goinna happen… this opening closes with you… as far as is seen known etc.etc… anything else demands this sacrifice, my lucre lies elsewhere…

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